Definition of creativity, innovation & risk.
An idea or concept is carried through by an individual’s imagination. It is beneficial for one to keep an open mind when exploring how they can achieve this idea. Thorough research is almost compulsory as it only helps bring forth more ideas that can turn the initial concept into a reality. When talking about innovation, words such as ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ come to mind. To be innovative is to introduce new things or new methods that contrast the norm. For example, organisations and companies are always trying to come up with the latest technology to sell to their consumers. Many are successful in their endeavours and some are not. That is where the risk lies. Risks have to be considered and taken when wanting to put forth a notion. Often people make mistakes by being too different. Sometimes simple works best.

What I would like to achieve from this subject
As I am currently studying visual design, I would like to achieve the mindset that adheres to the definition of creativity, innovation & risk mentioned above. I believe that taking in such a trail of thoughts will guide me as I work on tasks that involve visual communication and/or product design. I see this subject as a foundation for anyone who is on the verge of new creation. It really demonstrates the fundamentals of any development happening in society. Once the idea and methods of going about it are established, the rest of the process will follow through with the correct guidance of course.