a nightmare on elm street

May 28, 2010

Tonight I had the joy of sharing massive-sized popcorn and cokes with my boyfriend in the pictures. I had just finished teaching my weekly dance classes as I rushed towards the cinemas, trying to catch the last 9.30pm session of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Fortunately, we made it on time thanks to my friend who gave us a lift. Neither myself nor my boyfriend drive, so it’s a b**** getting around everywhere. Public transport is my life right now. As we settled into our seats in the movie theatre, I was disappointed to discover that we couldn’t raise the arm rests. Who likes watching horror movies with no snuggling involved these days? Not me.

I remember the last Freddy Krouger movie I watched. I was still young and I remember the movie had scared the s*** out of me. Yes I am a scaredy cat. I had set myself up for so much frights and screaming but nopeeeee… the movie definitely lacked the scare-factor! First of all, it started off really lame. (For all of you who know who don’t know who Freddy Kroueger is he attacks you in your dreams) Bang! First scene = dream. I guess it’s because of all the Asian horror movies I’ve been watching lately though. I knocked down The Grudge 1 & 2, The Eye, Tale of Two Sisters (original of The Uninvited) and The Ring all in one week! All at like, 4 in the morning. God that makes me sound like I have no life, but I do! The hollywood horror movies just don’t add up to your Korean, Chinese and Japanese movies. Maybe it’s because their Asian and they look scary? I’m Asian myself so I’m allowed to say that. Anyway I left the theatre pretty disappointed. We had to catch the train home as well, so we were walking to the train station in the darkness. Usually I’d be s******* my pants but the fact that I wasn’t was proof that the movie really was a dud. Thank you Asian horror movies. Thanks to you I feel like I’m immune to all scares of life.

I don’t know if this blog entry has a purpose or not, it just lengthens my page ‘lol’. But thanks for reading!


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