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May 28, 2010

I was searching by throwing in words in that relate to my personal interests in the search bar. From my ‘thorough’ research I found a few blog entries that I find I can really relate to. If you’ve been tuning into my blog since the beginning you would have already realised that my main interest lies in ‘dance’. I think it’s fairly obvious by now. Here are a few of the links to the blogs that appealed to me:
This blog entry seemed to be written by someone else as “by:” was written near the bottom of the page. I tried to find this blog on but it just doesn’t exist anymore. Whoever it is, it appears that we could be best friends! The whole entry was based on dance and what it is and what it does for them. It displays their love for it and how much it makes a difference in their life. That is how I, myself, feel about dance. It is a big part of my life and to be able to read on how it’s a big part of other peoples’ lives as well makes me smile 🙂
As you can see from the link, this blog entry is based on the hip-hop dance. If you were present for my small talk a few weeks back, you would  have gained a small insight on what ‘hip-hop dance’ is. I found it interesting reading this entry as it is part of a blog that belongs to an Indian guy. I wasn’t aware that one would be into dance as such. But that’s just me and a bad case of stereotyping. Anyway, I liked how this boy called ‘Deepak’ (I presume?) wrote about dance being his passion, the history behind hip-hop and hip-hop as a dance form. He got down to the details pretty well for a blog and managed to include a pretty relevant image? I know that sounds sarcastic, only because I find it funny how the picture is such a generalisation of what ‘us hip-hop dancers’ look like. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about take a look!

 There are reasons to why this is the ‘image’ that hip-hop dancers portray. It derives from the culture that developed in the US of A. Movies such as Step Up and Honey are to blame as well. As lame as I find them I’m still always one of the first to see them! It’s my nature. Anyway, I dragged on about this blog for too long…
This is probably one of my favourite blogs, belonging to a guy called Arthur Fink. It’s almost like a picture story book with all the dance photography! I love the little incerpt he included at the beginning of this entry. “I document the work and energy that goes into dance — not just the final performance” This statement shows his understanding of the hard work that is put in during rehearsals, to create an amazing end result. He’s included a few shots on dance movement as well – some during rehearsals and some on stage in what appears to be a live peformance from a dance festival.


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